Lorena Magos
Product Poster seen around the world
From the year that we sponsored Know the Cause with Doug Kaufmann, this product poster was seen by more than Read more.
Strong Teeth
“Because of heredity, the women in my family tend to have weak teeth and I was no exception… I was Read more.
“I went on a vacation to Las Vegas. I went in the sun and went in the Jacuzzi and after Read more.
Bone Health
“I went to the local health food store and he gave me the Super Silica™. I tried other silica formulas Read more.
Knee and Weight Loss
My knee hurt so much I was sleeping with an ice pack every night in my bed because I was Read more.
Teeth check
“The Super Silica™ makes my water taste fantastic. I visited my dentist today and they said, Wow, you know you Read more.
Suspicious mole
“I had something growing on the top of my shoulder that I noticed it for about a week and went, Read more.
Lubricates his Knees
He said that he had tried SS. When he ran out, he went to the health food store and bought Read more.
Tongue swelling
“This is so cool.  It’s amazing. I have probably for the last, I’m gonna say, four years, my dentist pointed Read more.
Energy Restored
“My energy level is really high. I go all day without getting tired. I used to be so tired and Read more.