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“I went on a vacation to Las Vegas. I went in the sun and went in the Jacuzzi and after that went to the steam room. I went to a show that night and was actually feeling ill and ended up fainting and falling down the stairs and had massive bruises. Luckily someone caught me under their arms so it was just my legs (that were injured). They were terrible – especially those first four days.

So when I came back home I started putting Super Silica™ drops in my water. Immediately it started healing and hurting less. I definitely noticed a difference when it was healing. I also had a huge hematoma on my skin and I kept thinking that I would have this for a long time, but it quickly healed itself. My parents couldn’t believe it when they came two weeks later and asked, “what about those pictures you sent us. Your legs were black and blue?!” The marks were completely gone.”

San Francisco, CA

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