Tongue swelling

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Tongue swelling

“This is so cool.  It’s amazing. I have probably for the last, I’m gonna say, four years, my dentist pointed out to me that he thought my adrenals were stressed. And you know at a previous job I was stressed to the absolute max. Fortunately now I’m working with Mark and have a much more balanced life.  I think I’m gonna live longer. But anyway I had the creases in my tongue. My tongue was swollen. Because that’s what happens when you are dehydrated and your adrenals are stressed. So I looked at my tongue the other day and I realized my tongue is smaller. You know how you get those indentations from your teeth around the outside of your tongue when your tongue is swollen. OK that’s almost non-existent the crevasses in the middle of the tongue are like 25% of what they were. And it has all happened since I started drinking all the water and consuming the silica and the Cell Power. That means things are really happening inside. I was just shocked.”

Overland Park, KS
September 9, 2015 10:17 am

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