Knee and Weight Loss

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Knee and Weight Loss

My knee hurt so much I was sleeping with an ice pack every night in my bed because I was in excruciating pain.  It would wake me out of my sleep and it was crazy.

When I went to my primary doctor he was looking at my numbers and he said that everything is looking good.  Because before I started taking the Silica, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and borderline diabetic, according to them, right?!  And all my numbers are good.  I don’t have none of those issues.  I couldn’t believe it! So he was like, “Oh so the medication Is working.”  I said no, I haven’t been taking it. Then I took the Super Silica bottle out of my pocket book and he didn’t want to hear it.

I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost, but my son (who lives in New York) said, “Mom, you lost so much weight!” I do see my wrist and fingers are a little thinner.

Salisbury, MD 

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