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Immune Power Complex™- Bottle (60 capsules)



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Never before have people focused so much on protecting their body from invasion. Immune Power Complex is a great way to support the immune system. Each of the ingredients are amazing on their own but together they can powerfully make a difference in how you feel in any season.

The immune system is vitally important to good health. You may think of it as just the white blood cells attacking invaders but it’s so much more than that. An immune-support-focused formula like Immune Power Complex is a reinforcement  for the detoxification and elimination pathways of the lymphatic and gastrointestinal systems, to make sure waste is gathered and eliminated effectively.

Immune Power Complex takes care of healthy blood sugar levels and blood purity while making sure the integrity of the blood vessels is maintained to support healthy blood pressure. Healthy oxygenation levels can better be sustained when the blood quality is optimal.

The ingredients in Immune Power Complex address the body’s proper response to stress and inflammation feedback. It makes energy resources available and protects hormone balance.

The completely vegan Immune Power Complex contains only natural, pure ingredients, without any extracts or synthetics. Even the capsule is vegan pullulan – made from fermented tapioca starch.

Enjoy the confidence Immune Power Complex gives you when your body is under attack.  Know that the Echinacea, Astragalus, Elderberry, Beta Glucans and therapeutic mushrooms (made with the premium fruiting body, not just the throw-away stems) are working to support your entire body and give your immune system the POWER to fight for your health.  You’ve got Immune Power Complex in your corner!

Science references do not infer an endorsement of our products. They are for information purposes only.

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