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Bee Pollen and Ginseng Energy™- Bottle (90 capsules)



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Bee Pollen and Ginseng Energy™ from Positive Power Nutrition has pollen and royal jelly sourced from remote locations containing a wide variety of flowering plants over many seasons. It is the cleanest, freshest, and highest grade of Bee Pollen available. Because it is harvested from these pristine remote locations, it is free of pesticides and meets European pollen standards (which are more stringent than standards in the United States).

Panax Ginseng is a highly valued and well-known herb that has been used for thousands of years as an herbal remedy in China and Korea. Using just one type of ginseng is not as valuable to balance and healing in the human body, as having the perfect combination of multiple ginsengs.

American Ginseng is used to promote Yin energy and calm the body, reducing body temperature from hot weather or a fever. Korean (Panax Ginseng) is used to promote Yang energy, improving blood circulation while revitalizing and balancing the natural heat of the body.

This high energy formula contains both Ashwagandha root and Schisandra berry along with the 5 powerful herbs traditionally known as Ginsengs.

There are amazing benefits to combining the “perfect food” (Bee Pollen) with high-energy, no-crash herbs (Ginsengs) that naturally raise the body’s subtle energy levels.

Discover for yourself all of the high-energy, rejuvenating benefits of this completely balanced formula by trying a bottle of Bee Pollen and Ginseng Energy™ today.


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