pH Test Strips


Why should I choose this product?

  • Laboratory grade pH testing at the price of less accurate litmus paper
  • Easy to use for saliva or urine
  • Sealed container keeps strips fresh and accurate longer than competitor’s products
  • Unique two-color strip provides more accurate results*
  • Compact and easily portable package 100 test strips per box (1 year supply for 2 people, if testing weekly)

Here’s the easy weekly plan:

  1. Once a week in the morning (before you eat or drink anything), fill a plastic spoon with saliva.
  2. Immerse a pH test strip in the saliva for at least 90 seconds.
  3. Match the colors of the pH strip to the chart that comes with your pH test strips (see example)*.

The Healing pH Range™ is 7.1 to 7.5 for saliva.

*For most areas of the United States please use the top test area for greatest accuracy. For Montgomery, AL and Lima, OH please use the bottom test area for more accurate results.


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